Romeo and juliet speed dating queen of hearts dating cape town

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Good fun would be listening in on the sweet nothings exchanged over hour-long speed dating, but we can’t “cause they would punch us in the face or run away crying,” says Nerd Nite boss Matt Wasowski.

Wasowski knows; he’s a veteran creator of speed dating, which he hosts monthly at DUMBO’s Galapagos Art Space.

Today, the title characters are regarded as archetypal young lovers.

Romeo and Juliet belongs to a tradition of tragic romances stretching back to antiquity.

In addition users’ profiles can help you to find out interest, preferences, marital status and other useful information about the person, who interested you.

Politics of our dating web-site is that we prefer long-term dating and serious relationship.

The way to do this is your evening.

Dont forget that if you dont find THE ONE at the event, he/she may be a friend of somebody at the event so keep networking and building your friend base. Have a think about what you would like to talk to people about before you come.

You will be having possibly 20 dates, each last 3-4 minutes, so theres a lot of talking involved.

Duncan will discuss the future intersection of tech and sex and display odes to the sexiest robots ever like Barbarella and a slew of hotties from the new Battlestar Gallactica.

“It’s good fun for the whole family,” she exclaims!

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People will feel your energy and it will make them at ease also. Focus the conversation on learning more about the person you’re talking to than on advertising yourself.