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Posted by / 11-Jan-2017 21:51

The graph is now a drawing object in Power Point that can be moved and proportionally size, but not edited.Comparing the two methods Recommendations In most situations, the Basic Paste method will work well.

It includes several graphs created in Power Point; each graph's datasheet is linked to an Excel file.

I’ll end with some recommendations of when each method should be used.

Each method starts with you creating the graph in Excel first, because we will be copying the graph created in Excel into the Power Point slide.

If the graphs you want to use in your Power Point presentation will change regularly, it can be a hassle to create them from scratch every time there is an update to the data.

It is likely that the data used to create the graph is coming from an Excel worksheet, so why not link the graph on the slide directly to the Excel data. I will describe each method, and then show a table that summarizes the differences.

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