Intimidating football chants

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Intimidating football chants

The Italian league has decided it is offensive and incites violence but has not classified it as racist, hence the fine and no heftier punishment.

Many Italians disagree and say the Juve fans would not sing such a song if he was white.

Hey Crowd on 3 yell Raiders (team name)1-2-3-RAIDERS! Don't cut us no slack You've got to rock it with the Red And roll it with the White! Submitted by: Tosha It won't, it won't, it won't go in, It'll roll around the rim, but it won't go in. Submitted by: Khristin We are the Bucks(team name)Blue, gold, and white The Bucks are back, we're here to win We'll f-i-g-h-t fight (2x's).

Stand up and yell it, Go Raiders Go, Come on Go Raiders Go, Let's hear it, Go Raider Go, one more time now GO RAIDERS GO, YEAH! Submitted by:chevy girlmartine Come on Flyer fans in the stands Let us see you clap your hands (clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)Now that you got the beat, let us see you stomp your feet (stomp)(stomp)(stomp)(stomp)(stomp)(stomp)(stomp)Now that you got the groove, let me see your body moveoo aahh aahh aahh oo ahh ahh oo One more timeoo ahh ahh ahh oo ahh ahh ahh oo Submitted by: Tags Yeah, that's right!

This is, of course, from the perspective of the player, not opposing fans.

They sidestep the subtleties of heckling by dressing like characters from a The Hills Have Eyes/Road Warrior crossover movie.And then they convince both players and opposing fans that they are going to stab them with a screwdriver, which is a very real threat, because at any given time, 93% of Oakland-Alameda County Stadium attendees have a rap sheet that includes at least one conviction for stabbing someone with a screwdriver.I just made that fact up, but for a second you believed it.This week's collection of cheers, chants, and yells can all be used for Basketball.Submitted by: Dara Hey Crowd on 3 yell go-1-2-3-GO!

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I think "scary" is the wrong word to use, though, when considering home field advantage.

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