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Getting over rejection in dating

It was easier to be a Nice Guy TM and follow my crush around like a lost puppy instead of sucking it up and asking her out. Everyone remembers the first time that they got rejected by somebody they liked.

But in sparring as in dating one thing was true: unless I was willing to take the hit, I was never going to get any strikes in. In fact, for many people it happened when they were young, usually in school and frequently in front of an audience.

As much as I’d told people that I was learning it for the self-discipline and the focus it taught me, just between you, me and the everyone else reading this: I wanted to be Billy Bad-Ass.

I had the same fantasies of being Terry Bogard1 or Van Damme or Jeff Speakman that every other would-be ninja warrior had.

I remember when I was in high school and I really liked this girl that lived across the street from me. I spent a lot of time hanging out with this girl, trying to get her to like me.Others go into a tailspin, make it worse, and do real psychological damage to themselves. And, more importantly, what can you do to avoid this fate?We just finished a study on breakups and rejection. If you learned how to impress a girl, went on a first date but she wasn’t into you, an hour should be enough.Kelly's terror of rejection also extended beyond her relationship.She was a budding author and had completed six novels, but fear of knockback had, until now, prevented her from ever submitting of her work.

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And this may be especially true when it comes to fear of rejection.

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