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Next, we immediately jumped lightly into the subject of race and Rock & Roll.

There are a few people of color in the genre that she’s a fan of.

Fefe Dobson 5'2 was at PFP this past Sunday reporting for E! She interviewed attendees, designers, vendors and myself.

She was a lot of fun and is the perfect example of a Petite Fashionista who has found her own unique style.

But here's a interview she did last month where she talked about Prince, Tyler Perry and she's a married woman now!!! Glad to see she's doing well and congratulations on her nuptials. Tamar clearly said "we" started working on her memoirs 2 years ago. Prince was like an angel walking amongst us, especially as he matured. I know Prince said he never looked back and his actions over the years would back that up but I can't help but wonder if he was feeling an increased sense of loneliness leading up to that day...

Did I hear Tamar say correctly that she wrote a memoir or is that something that's out already??? I also wonder when/where/how she found out about his passing. If he did and felt some kind of way about it, that would add to a string of "losses" for him in a short amount of time: Kim Upsher's passing; Denise's passing on the anniversary of his mother's passing; Tamar's marriage.

A round of congratulations are in order for Fefe Dobson who is engaged to her longtime boyfriend Michael Atha, otherwise known as Yelawolf!

That's where hip hop made sense culturally." Regarding his stage name, Yelawolf has said, "Yelawolf is Native American.Shutterstock Good black don’t crack and Jamie Foxx is proof of that.He is aging well; however, the truth of the matter is that dude is damn near 50—47 to be exact. ’ It was like that, so I talk about those things [on the album] you’re still fly and young, at the same time, you are over 40.”While I’m all for May-December relationships, I do think that some discretion should be used.So it’s not surprising that his now 21-year-old daughter Corrine Bishop felt the need to check her daddy for robbing the cradle. I kept her away from my daughter and then all of a sudden; she ends up in the house with my daughter. Then I walk in like ‘Aye, aye, aye.’ She got the little half shirt on.”Of course, Corrine clowned him for it.“My daughter is like, ‘Really dad? Things can get pretty uncomfortable when a parent is dating someone too close to the ages of their children. Apparently, the actor was still trying to date women in their 20s, but Ms. During a recent interview with Angie Martinez, Jamie recalled a hilarious situation where his daughter met one of his girlfriends who she felt was way too young for him.“It was this one time where I was dating this girl who was too young a while back.

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My father is Cherokee and I’m from Cherokee county – Gadsden, Alabama.

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