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Badoo is the app that helps you to connect with Random people.

You can connect with any person using the Badoo app.

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If you find someone who you like, you just need to start a private chat.

Tinder is a new dating application to help you to find people close by with the same interests.

Actually these are the dating apps for Android helps you to connect with unknown people even they are not from your contact.

You just need to sign up with your phone number to use this app and then you can easily find your friends through your contacts.

Read our full interview below, or click here for our report on Badoo. We have completely rebuilt the app, created a new design identity for the brand, and analysed and reconsidered 11 years of experience in order to improve and optimise UX and simplify overcomplicated features.

Business Insider: Why don’t we start by talking through the new Badoo. Andrey Andreev: The new Badoo that you can see today is just a skeleton for a whole load of amazing, game-changing features that are coming live very soon. BI: My impression of Badoo has been that an overhaul like this has been due for a while. AA: You’re right, I’ve been thinking of redesigning Badoo for a while now.

AB tests have proven multiple times that even a slight change in, say, position of the button, can result in decrease of activity or revenue. So in answering your question, yes, we were resistant.

That was the other reason why it took so long to redesign it.

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For years it started to remind (as we call it internally) us of a ‘Frankenstein’. As you add features, monetise or simply try to improve user experience by adding new fun components, it eventually becomes like a little Christmas tree with lots of buttons, menus within menus, and multiple confusing screens etc.

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